The most Norwegian of jumpers flanked by Japanese autumnal ginko leaves.

mariusgenser in autumn leaves

My latest make is this traditional Norwegian Marius Genser from an old Dale of Norway 1960s pattern and was therefore in Norwegian.
I got really interested in traditional Norwegian knitting after watching the SlowTv show where they tried to break the world record of the sheep to shoulders challenge (it’s on Netflix of you want to watch it).
So, I haven’t taken this off since I made it. I stupidly only brought one thick jumper with me to Japan and I’ve regretted this for a month already, but now it has actually turned into winter.
I brought only two jumpers worth of wool with me and this navy was one of them. It’s Rowan Superwash worsted (one of my favourite yarns) and it was originally destined to be a jumper for Calem that he lost interest in.
Since I started knitting this in July, it is an official finished UFO. Yay!! This was probably the longest period of time I’ve taken to knit a jumper and it’s worsted wool so there’s no excuses.
Down to the knitting:
As I don’t speak Norwegian it was sometimes a bit complicated and I abandoned ship a couple of times ( which is also why this took such a long time) but I avoided frogging and I only had to make the odd correction. After often putting it down and picking it up again coupled with deciding not to correct one part (hopefully no one else will notice) it’s not the best knit jumper but I love it anyway.
Margrethe @fallstrikke has already listed the rest of the Norwegian jumpers I need to make before I can claim cultural citizenship – that’s a thing right?
Fun fact! The word Norwegian word ‘Genser’ originally came from the word gansey or Guernsey.

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